24. April 2024

Xiaomi releases App

Xiaomi releases the next Android app in the Google Play Store. Now there’s a comprehensive security tool that does more than just security.

Xiaomi released its own calendar app

Just a few days ago, Xiaomi released its own calendar app in the Google Play Store, now the next system application follows.

What’s interesting is that you actually have your own channel for publishing your Android apps. Xiaomi smartphones have always had a security app, but it does more than that. It can also free the system from old files and promises a “speed boost”.

The focus, however, is on scanning the devices for security problems; the app scans every new installation, for example.

This is not really necessary, since devices with Google Play services also have Google Play Protect on board.

Although Xiaomi’s security app could certainly also work on devices from other manufacturers, it is initially only available for Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco via the Play Store.

Security: Xiaomi app can do much more

App Lock is one of the equally integrated functions. With this, apps can be additionally secured. You can also maintain a lock list to combat spam calls. Limiting the data usage also helps to save data volume, but most Android devices offer such a function without an additional app.

In the Play Store the security app is still available as “Early Access”, but more than 100 million downloads are already counted.

Probably these were already updates from the devices in circulation. Colleagues think that Xiaomi can distribute new app updates faster by making them available in the Play Store – but even before that, it didn’t need any system updates.

  • While the manufacturers publish their apps in Google’s Play Store, Xiaomi, Samsung and Co. also have their own app stores.
  • However, the manufacturers also maintain their own stores in the West, where the Play Store clearly dominates the Android world.
  • This seems to us to be a lot of unnecessary extra work.