9. August 2022

Intel And Google Virtual Reality Cooperation

Both engineering giants are collaborating around task along with additional virtual-reality systems, which opens the doorway to the development of 360 degree virtual reality items like additional encounters on mobile phones as well as games.

A Mix Between Project Tango And RealSense

Project Tango is a tablet pc produced by Yahoo that enable leave the items in 3-D and to check a position, and coupled with a headset the real life is transformed by it right into a virtual-reality environment. Related to the RealSense engineering, Project Tango augmented-reality endeavors and is going to be a program for cellular programs programmers with virtual-reality or 3D scan. Initially Project Tango was designed for for tablet computers, but to smart phones this collaboration could go with it. Also read about Project Morpheus by Sony.

Starting smart phone market may assist Intel to get noticed from some competitions like Qualcomm. For Yahoo, this new task augmented-reality marketplace and guarantees its will to engage in the virtual-reality. Yahoo currently has jobs and several products like Google Cardboard or Google Glass, around virtual-reality. Enlarging Google’s impact on the virtual-reality and AR marketplace may ensure Mo-Re data to gather as a result of the VR programs on consumers.

The biggest market concerning the technology of VR at the moment is already the porn industry. What else, right? Offers like Gay VR and any kind of vr sex video website are already beeing watched every day by millions of people, and the costs for the technology including hardware and movies (software) are quite high. If google and intel weren’t stupid, they would participate under different label names.

An SDK (Software Development package) joining Intel RealSense and Yahoo Project Tango technology needs to be published for humanoid developers, only in the conclusion of 2015.